POSTED 28.04.2023

This May, Reside/Sustain project is conducting research trips that focus on residencies in private spaces and different sides of their sustainability. These trips will bring together R/S participants and individuals running private residencies, those who are only planning to offer their spaces for residency purposes, and professionals from residential, art, and municipal fields. In the course of 2 weeks, we will visit Värtsilä, Raasepori, and Joutsa. 

We have managed to secure a wonderful group of hosts that includes artist, educator and diversity agent Arlene Tucker (Happy Home Stay), visual artist Meri Linna, textile artist and residency organiser Karoliina Arvilommi (Värtsilä Artist Residency), as well as artists/residency organisers Kaitlyn Hamilton and Joni Judén (Tuo Tuo).

By conducting these research trips, we aim to enable naturally emerging connections, knowledge-sharing, and co-creation, putting emphasis on a human-scale approach and lived experience. 

We will share the information about the trips, as well as the findings later on our social media channels and website. 

Photo: Jaana Denisova